Who can participate?

Sibiu Performing Arts Market participants will register as one of the categories listed below:

  1. Companies/Artists - Independent artist, theater company which produces performances or other types of cultural products: theater, dance, music, circus, street performance, visual arts, digital arts, multidisciplinary arts etc.
  2. Producer / Agent / Promoter - Professional that represents the interest of artists or artistic companies; produces and promotes performances or other types of cultural products.
  3. Director / Programmer / Representative - Professional that, in a structured and official setting, hosts and/or organizes performances and cultural events: festival, venue, networking and showcase events, cultural center/institute, production house, NGO, European Capital of Culture, university/school etc.

* of festivals, cultural centers, performing arts markets etc.

Registration for Sibiu Performing Arts Market is done exclusively by filling out the registration form, in the time-frame set by the organizers.

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