Dear participants and friends,

 We regret to inform you that the registration period for this year's Sibiu International Performing Arts Market (SIPAM) has come to a close. We truly appreciate your interest in participating in SIPAM this year. While we are unable to accommodate further registrations for this edition, we warmly encourage you to keep SIPAM in mind for future opportunities. Your interest in our event is greatly valued, and we hope to see you at SIPAM in the coming years.

Kind regards,

The Sibiu International Performing Arts Market Team

*** Who can participate:

·       Artists/ Companies/ Agencies - Independent artists, theatre companies which produce performances or other types of cultural products: theatre, dance, music, circus, street performance, visual arts, digital arts, multidisciplinary that want to present their shows or portfolio. 
·       Programmers/ Curators/ Producers/ Theatre and festival directors - Professionals that represent the interest of artists or artistic companies, produce and promote performances or other types of cultural products. With us, they have the opportunity to present their structure and work.
·       Structures/ Organizations/ Networks and Programs - Professionals that, in a structured and official setting, host and/or organize performances and cultural events and support the performing arts field: performing arts markets, networking and showcase events, cultural centers /institutes, production houses, NGOs, European Capital of Culture, universities/schools. This category is ready to advocate and support the performing arts field.

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