What is Therme Forum?

Therme Forum hosts global events with a focus on finding solutions to the most pressing questions of our age. Its multidisciplinary approach brings together leading thinkers from art, design, architecture, sociology, ethnography, anthropology, geography, politics, environmental science, physiology, psychology and economics to find innovative new approaches.

Therme Forum: Theatre and Architecture is a structure associated with FITS and dedicated to the way architectural design, programming, technology and the evolution of our communities will shape theatres and the participatory experience of the future.

The event is a series of conversations with world class architects, designers, artists and arts leaders, on theatre and the value of wider, more visionary investments in culture. Therme Forum inspires and challenges participants through an examination of historic examples, perspectives, best practices and trends from around the world. Through the multi-faceted dialogues, participants will examine the link between performing arts and their venues, and how this relation shapes and impacts the community, its financial and social sustainability, as well as the evolution of the art form.

*For more information about ThermeGroup visit their website: ThermeGroup

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