Yukio Suzuki


Yukio Suzuki is a dancer and choreographer. In 1997 he began studying butoh dance and later performed in works by Ko Murobushi and so on. And in 2000 he founded his own company "YUKIO SUZUKI Projects". The basic principle of his interpretation is not the technique, but the character of the dance language, for which he has been acclaimed even outside of his native Japan. He has been touring around over 40 cities in the world, and his pliant, delicate and tenacious movements have been enthralling the audience. Recently he has also been creating pieces for other dance companies and leads workshops. His works have won several important awards in Japan, and in 2012 he took part in Danse Elargie 2012 at the Theatre de la Ville in Paris, where he placed among the top ten.

POSITION: director, dancer , coreographer