Ten Thousand Tones of Moonlight

Pitch Project Performances

Ten Thousand Tons of Moonlight is a compelling dance-theatre production that draws inspiration from the thought-provoking poems of Yu Xiuhua, a celebrated contemporary Chinese poet living with Cerebral Palsy. Ten Thousand Tons of Moonlight convenes an exceptional team of international artists and producers with the aim of transforming Yu Xiuhua’s deeply humanistic and moving poetry into a dance performance that delicately navigates and transcends cultural, geographical, and physical divides. Our goal is to underscore the innate value and strength of individuals when they have the liberty to explore and express their deepest emotions, desires, and questions. Yu Xiuhua will join two dancers and an actress on stage, supported by seven large shadows crafted by the acclaimed lighting and visual designer Michael Hulls.

Info & Team:
Duration of the performance (in minutes): 60
Author: Farooq Chaudhry/Yu Xiuhua/ Amy Ng
Translated by: Amy Ng
Director: Farooq Chaudry
Set design: Michael Hulls
Choreography: Maya Jila Dong and Lico Kehua
Music: Roger Goula
Light design: Michael Hulls
Cast: Yu Xiuhua, Maya Jila Dong, Lico Kehua, Tian Chaudry

COMPANY: Fengling Productions