Summer Festival: A Mirror of Osaka | Natsumatsuri Naniwa Kagami

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The legendary stage "Natsumatsuri Naniwa Kagami" that took the world by storm,
In 1994, Cocoon Kabuki opened with a bang thanks to the strong collaboration between Kanzaburo NakamuraXVIII (then known as Kankuro) and director Kazuyoshi Kushida (artistic director at Theatre Cocoon at the time). Classical Kabuki was reread from the ground up, performed by Kabuki actors and contemporary drama actors, and a number of popular works were created one after another using innovative techniques that superimposed the production on modern times. This work depicting the ordinary people of Naniwa, where Danshichi and Tokubei risk their lives to protect their benevolent master, is Kushida's first Kabuki production, and has been repeated many times as Cocoon Kabuki. In addition, the Heisei Nakamura-za had great success at performances in NY, Berlin, and the Sibiu International Theater Festival.

Duration of the performance (in minutes): 135
Author: Namiki Senryû, Miyoshi Shôraku, Takeda Koizumo (1745)
Director: Kazuyoshi Kushida
Set design: Kazuyoshi Kushida
Light design: Shigeo Saito
Cast: Kanzaburo NakamuraXVIII,Hashinosuke Nakamura,Kantaro Nakamura,Shichinosuke Nakamura,Kamezo Kataoka,Takashi Sasano and others
Maximum number of personnel in tour: 80

COMPANY: Jiyu Gekijo