State Jewish Theatre

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Bucharest, Romania

On the 1st of August 1948, the Jewish State Theatre has been founded. The institution's leadership passed to the hands of the actress Maia Morgenstern, after the year 2012, and the Jewish State Theatre offers to the public a vast theatrical repertory, illustrating thus a genuine symbiosis between tradition and modernity. Beginning with 2016, the Jewish State Theatre organizes the International Yiddish Theatre Festival of Bucharest, fulfilling its mission of conserving and promoting Yiddish language and culture by means of a wide spectrum of theatrical and cultural events.

ORGANIZATION/STRUCTURE: State Jewish Theater was created in 1948, and between 1954-1955 the building was renovated in its contemporary aspect. The hall of performances has 200 places, sound and acclimatization installations, simultaneous translation at transnational panel, being also used as conference hall and symposiums. 
AUDIENCE: All audiences