On the way to school

Pitch Project Performances

Three sisters, one path, and one goal: to have a future in their hands. This is the extraordinary story of three siblings who face daily obstacles and adversities just to get to their school. Three girls who could live in any country, somewhere faraway or maybe near your homeland. They do not speak any specific language but, at the same time, they speak them all.

An intriguing, purely visual, wordless show inspired by the real story of so many girls and boys from all over the world. Self-sufficient, capable children who share their joyful desire to learn. An ode to life.
Professional critic's site Recomana.cat reviews:
”It’s poetry on stage: this doesn’t make this reality less harsh, but it brings it
closer to us.”

The cast enjoys playing and giving life to those characters. And some of us
in the audience get teary-eyed after seeing so much beauty and harmony"
Jordi Bordes.

Info & Team:
Duration of the performance (in minutes): 55
Author: Collective creation by Cia Campi
Director: Rosa Díaz
Set design: Joan Pena
Costumes: Rosa Solé
Music: Pascal Gaigne
Light design: Marc Espinosa
Cast: Aitana Giralt, Cristina Garcia, Alicia Buil, Jordi Pedros and Erik Varea

COMPANY: Cia. Campi