My Deer Hunter

Pitch Project Performances

With the film classic Deer Hunter as a guide, fix+foxy invites four war veterans suffering from PTSD, who have served in Iraq, Afghanistan and The Balkans, onto the stage. In an attempt to recreate the life they lived before it all fell apart, the four veterans go back in time and revisit their individual traumatizing moments that changed their life forever. Much more than a piece on war and its potential consequences - My Deer Hunter is a story about how situations out of your control can change who you are and what you believe in - in a split second.

Info & Team:
Duration of the performance (in minutes): 85min
Author: Tue Biering
Translated by: English subtitles (CC) Pernille Kragh
Director: Tue Biering
Set design: Ida Grarup
Costumes: Camilla Lind
Music: Composer: Louise Alenius, Sound Designer: Daniel Fogh
Light design: Andreas Buhl
Cast: Jonas Hjorth Andersen, Nicolai Stokholm Sondrup-Otsen, Palle Würtz og Sara la Cour

COMPANY: fix+foxy