Minako Naito


Graduated from Tokyo University, I entered into PARCO CO.LTD, which is a department store developper and obtain a theatre as a cultural facility. While working there for 16years, I studiens in NY for a year in 1992, receiving Rockfellor and Saison Foundation grant. After `PARCO, I entered HORIPRO.INC, a talent agency and theatre producing company. Worked as a producer and had been involved in numerous international projects. I moved to Tokyo Metropolitan Thetare in 2010. It is my first involvement in the subsedized theatre. Invited companies from overseas such as Radu Stanca, Teatre du Soleil, Robert Lepage, Rosas, ITA etc. and co-produced with London SOHO Theatre, SIngapre International Festival, NTaional Theatre Company of Korea etc.

POSITION: General Producer of Performing Arts