LIMBO Sonata for Violinist & Acrobat

Pitch Project Performances

LIMBO is a new violin sonata by Chloé Charody written specifically for the unique acrobatic skill set of violin virtuoso Sonja Schebeck. 
Sonja partners acrobat Josh Frazer in this ground-breaking interdisciplinary duet to tell a poignant narrative through dynamic partner acrobatics, duo unicycle and cyr wheel, completely embracing circus and classical music in one captivating world. LIMBO is set at Melbourne Park Hotel in 2021, a time when many refugees were detained indefinitely, some having been incarcerated by the Australian Government for up to 9 years. If we think of what it was like to be stuck inside for several months due to the pandemic, imagine what it would feel like after 9 years.
The sonata roller coasts through emotions of anger, frustration, fantasy & escape, exploding with one of the greatest weapons against oppression: hope.

Info & Team:
Duration of the performance (in minutes): 35
Author: Chloé Charody, Sonja Schebeck, Joshua Frazer
Choreography: Sonja Schebeck, Joshua Frazer
Music: Chloé Charody
Cast: Sonja Schebeck, Joshua Frazer 

COMPANY: Chloé Charody Creations