L'Histoire du Soldat

FITS Performances

"The Soldier's Tale" was composed by Igor Stravinsky based on a Russian folk tale, with a libretto by Charles Ferdinand Ramu, and premiered at the Théâtre de Lausanne on September 28, 1918. This work is performed with ballet and music, and is made up of a small group of people who can move around easily so that it can be toured. When a soldier on vacation takes a break and plays the violin on his way to his hometown, an old man (a devil) appears and seduces the soldier into exchanging his violin for a rich book. Gaining wealth, deceiving others while losing wealth, and who wins in the end...? What is "richness"? A work that cynically depicts the universality of human beings, asking questions about humans who have not changed to this day.
Kushida co-created the piece with the Saito Kinen Festival, where Seiji Ozawa is the music director, and also participated in the performance in China.

Duration of the performance (in minutes): 85
Author: Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz
Director: Kazuyoshi Kushida
Set design: Kazuyoshi Kushida
Music: Igor Stravinsky
Light design: Shigeo Saito
Cast: Kazuyoshi Kushida,Yasuyuki Shuto,Kanji Ishimaru and others
Maximum number of personnel in tour: 20

COMPANY: Jiyu Gekijo