FITS Performances

„Freetime" is a fluid project which began in 2018 from the desire to experiment new drama writing techniques during an international collective writing laboratory. Gian Maria Cervo and the Presniakov Brothers have experimented writing in an associative manner, rather than following a linear, traditional succession of scenes. Thus, through an interplay of seemingly unrelated scenes, the spectator is transported into a succession of constantly changing states of mind which makes the whole experience riveting.
„Freetime" is a story about borders and confrontations. The play crosses the characteristics of European and global society of the last years covering aspects like intellectual precarity, migration and uprooting, trying to ironically spotlight the milestones of our recent evolution, from the collapse of the Lehman Brothers to the emerging of Artificial Intelligence.

Duration of the performance (in minutes): 160
Author: Gian Maria Cervo and the Presniakov Brothers
Translated by: Daniela Șilindean
Director: Nicola Bremer; Assistant director - Tudor Dreve
Set design: Steffi Rehberg; Assistant set designer - Cristian Gătina
Costumes: Steffi Rehberg
Choreography: Saga Björklund Jönsson, Assistant choreographer - Roxana Fânață
Music: Saga Björklund Jönsson
Cast: Andrei Gîjulete, Sergiu Tăbăcaru, Roxana Fânață, Crina Andriucă, Ioana Cheregi, Cătălin Mareș, Andrei Stan
Maximum number of personnel in tour: 27
Special mentions: The show uses stroboscopic light. Other credits: Video concept - Vincenzo Marsiglia; Video assistant: Gian Musolino. Important note: the show has a 10 minute break incorporated in its duration.

COMPANY: Satu Mare Northern Theater, Mihai Raicu Company