FITS Performances

Inside the containers of huge ships sailing across China, the United States, and many countries. The middle broker 'Helper' who carries refugees and smugglers explains to them that it is his duty to make them safely reach the country they want, The reality is that he has to execute them all.
Other brokers who manipulate him using his desire to live only in containers always make him hate the world. And he tells false news, such as war, that he locks him in a container and orders him to kill.
Then one day, North Korean defectors and smugglers (South Koreans) enter the container. After that, he realizes that he is being used by other brokers.
 After realizing that they were deceived by brokers, they try to escape the container together...
Will they be able to safely reach the world they dreamed of?

Duration of the performance (in minutes): 95
Translated by: Cha Seung-hoon
Director: HEO SEOK-MIN
Set design: HEO SEOK-MIN
Costumes: Park Yujin
Music: Chae rosa
Light design: Cho sehyun
Cast: Kim shinhyo / Lee kyeongjin / Yu byoungyoung / Kim geon / Yang jinwoo
Maximum number of personnel in tour: 9
Special mentions: 15+